Already 10 years !

20th April 2020 Lifestyle
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For more than 10 years now, I have been one of the 24 qualified High Level Driver Trainers in France ! 


What is it ? Here are the infos of the Federation website : 


"In order to guarantee quality teaching, driving instructors today work under the control of the State, which issues two diplomas, necessary to supervise activities related to motor sport. Driving instructors are now in possession of one or more of the following alternatives :

- The BP JEPS - Brevet Professionnel de la Jeunesse, de l'Éducation Populaire et du Sport - speciality "Sport Automobile" is a compulsory State diploma to exercise an activity of animation or training related to motor sport. The BP JEPS is intended either for an instructor already in activity (80% of cases) who wishes to regularize their situation, or for a "novice" who wishes to move towards the profession of driving instructor. This training is intended for candidates of French nationality but also for candidates from abroad wishing to work on French soil. 


- The DE JEPS - Perfectionnement sportif allows to reach a higher level of coaching and to prepare for the job of sports coach in charge of coordinating a high level project around the athlete. The DE JEPS Perfectionnement sportif " Sport Automobile " is intended for holders of the BP JEPS in the given speciality with 2 years of experience or for candidates justifying 5 years of experience in the mention in question. However, candidates must pass the technical tests".

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