Who am I ?

I'm a car driver and I practice Drifting. I am also the Promoter of the French Drift Championship FFSA and the founder of the Drift Academy.

Because of my status and experience, I am mainly a catalyst for "Winners". 

We all know people who are disappointed with their situation, who are not fulfilled, who are not able or can not express their full potential, who don’t know where to start to reveal themselves. In short, people who are personally and/or professionally frustrated.

Does that speak to you too?

Good news !

I am in charge of identifying and training these disappointed people.

I train them in the different aspects related to the common characteristics that all performers, all "winners", have.

Because for me, revealing the best in each of us is a real passion but also a natural talent.



Drift Master 2021 calendar is coming soon...


Due to the Covid, only one race was organised by the Drift Master : 


Riga (LT) : P10 in qualify - P17 in battles


European Drift Championship

Austria DMEC - Greimbach

French DMEC - Croix en Ternois

Poland DMEC - Plock Stadium



Kartcross Super Sprint Tournecoupe

Swiss Drift

European Drift Championship

Hockenhein DMEC


Top 10 Japfest Irish Drift Championship

Top 32 Drift Master Hockenheim

Top 16 Global Warfare Irish Drift Championship

Top 32 Drift Master Nurburgring

Top 16 Nurburgring Drift Cup


2nd Drift Allstar - Lydden Hill (UK)

3rd Modena - Italian Drift Championship

3rd Castelletto - Italian Drift Championship

4th Braga - Portuguese Drift Cup


2nd Monster Gymkhana Grid - Clermont Ferrand (France)

5th Nurburgring - Drift Cup

2nd Castelletto - Italian Drift Championship

2nd Braga - Drift Cup

1st Italian Drift Championship

9th Irlande - Irish Drift Championship

World Drift Series

9th Guangzou - China

5th Shenhzen - China